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Complimentary and Integrative Health

 We at Parvati Therapy promote a vibrant wellness community and are excited to bring new tools to you and your patients. Yoga therapy is the ultimate in integrative medicines and not only promotes patient well being but is also the perfect tool for health care providers to integrate into there own daily health care practice. 

integrative care

Complimentary and Integrative Health brings together conventional and complimentary approaches in a coordinated synergistic way. It is a holistic patient focused approach to overall well being. Treating the whole person, not just a specific part of the body or a single trauma event. An integrative approach includes mental, emotional, spiritual, functional, and community aspects of the patients life and creates a continuity between health providers that elevates treatment and promotes lasting healing.


How we integrate

 Your Patients Health 

Parvati Therapy offers the very latest in adjunct therapy to compliment your treatment plan. We are here to provide yoga therapy based care that is proven to improve diet, body function, and mood which assists in the overall efficiency of medical interventions. Bring the power of yoga to your team today.


 Care for Providers of Care

Those devoted to caring for others often give til it hurts. It is important that we care for ourselves so we can continue to do our work.Parvati therapy is excited to offer trainings tailored for healthcare professionals in our community. Build your healing practice with us today.