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Ancient Wisdom, Modern Practice

Tune the central pleasure channel-awaken the inner energy system to awaken the self


Next workshop coming January 2020.

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About the workshop


In this experiential workshop you will explore the inner world of your energy system with ancient tantric yoga practices...breath, sound and movement (beginner tantric practices) in a simple, fun format that demystifies tantra and the energetic practices that seem mysterious, but are really simply explorations of YOU and the levels of divine creative energies that you are. We will explore simple ways to gently bring mindful meditations to your day, night and sensual activities (all of life is an experience of the senses, ie..sensual). Learn how to move your emotional energy so trust and gratitude can be consciously cultivated.  With this awareness comes clarity, direction and inner motivation..the passion you need for life. Bring yourself love and freedom as you discover the meaning of authenticity in heart trust and communication.  

  • Explore the nature of your mind,body,heart and divine energy-begin to integrate these for empowerment. Use this knowledge to create the emotional and mental life experience you desire (authenticity/bliss)
  • Awaken your inner subtle life energies-where your life energies work on a nonconscious level (realize intuition)
  • Find inner power and clarity as these energies begin to move as spirit desires not the minds programming, find trust for life as never before, as you learn to trust your body and emotions.(live in ease)
  • Use your intuition to create healthy boundaries ,from a healthy place for trust and safety in all relationships
  • Use knowledge found in the chakra system to open blocks and wisdom -this is magic that belongs to everyone
  • This therapeutic tantra yoga for everyone and all ages-there is no nudity in these workshops