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Healing through Tantra with Goddess Lisa


Tantra is a yogic tradition that has been corrupted in our culture by an  immature perspective toward sensual chi/energy. We see this cultural effect in our view of yoga as well. Yoga is an ancient, complex scientific technology of subtle energy awareness and meditation. We see yoga has been altered in the culture into a management for stress and a way to get fit. There is nothing wrong with that, but yoga is so much more. 

The deep inner searching and consciousness stretching, enabling us to hold and move consciously, the life forces in our body. Using them this way, for health and wisdom and satisfaction, is the true nature of yoga. These infinite life forces, that you are truly capable of feeling in whatever way you want too, have been blunted beyond nature by self imposed energetic limitations. Humans need much more touch, tenderness and affection. Humans thrive in an atmosphere where it is understood and taught that feelings not only matter and are important, but feelings/emotions are THE most important thing, perhaps the only things that you really ever have (you're inner experience of life} is impressions/memories from emotional experiences, the stuff of forming your total consciousness. It takes courage in this era to come forth with your needs and yearning in a shame free way, because what has been done to corrupt the divinity of yoga and tantra has also been done to human's divine sacral energies. When you unlock the subtle energies and they flow within your perception you have the power to go right to your core resistance issues. 

Those old physical and psychological places you chased for so long become known to your conscious mind, consciously accessible and healable. It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick world. Do you have to keep taking cues from the world on how to be you? Take  the cues from your inner self. This is wild , but guided, exploration, for those ready to stretch the consciousness and break the bonds of doubt, fear and mistrust. Learn how life intends for you to have a great and awesome journey and you are much more and magnificent than you are able to realize at this moment! Love and namaste


Session Offerings

Tantrasomatic healing bodywork

 2 hours 250.00 additional hours 100 each. Full body somatic touch, chakra opening and balancing therapy. It is effective in treating trauma, and intimacy concerns, relieving blocks. Used in conjunction with other resistance breaking therapy. This is for someone looking to get connected and conscious of early trauma in a compassionate and non threatening, individually guided way. Using reiki techniques, yoga therapy, ancient elemental cleansing, chakra sounds, movement, tantric massage, guided visualizations and inner dialog exercises etc.... This is highly personalized for your emotional/ energetic needs and healing consciousness journey. We’ll have a short discussion on how to direct the energies and intention in the session. Join the lower body energy to the upper and your inner blocks will dissolve. You will not need to remove your clothing for this session and it is optional. .

Surrender -Classic tantrasomatic offering

 90mins 200, each additional hour 100 This is tantric full body energy awakening and flow...this is a visit to the goddess with no agenda. A journey of surrender to the forces that make your experience of life...when you connect to them in this blissful and open way you find inner keys to creating the life you want out of your own core energy .  See the true nature of this force flowing as a powerful current in an ocean of universal creative intention (this IS law of attraction) in this guided energy opening and yin/yang balancing and connection experience. . Your energy blocks are found and opened in an intuitive process of energy healing.. Use this as a place to begin moving into your power. Being with your sensual energies while the goddess guides them to their potential unblocked state with no negative imprinting (the place shame comes from). Take this opportunity to commune with bliss in your body and learn about its wisdom from a powerful new guided tantric perspective. Here you must trust the goddess and leave agenda behind. You are highly encouraged to come in with an intention to integrate this session consciously in a relaxed theta wave meditative state. I encourage you to try meditation.  Clothing is optional for this session 


 1 hour 75.00-90 mins 100 This is a quick energy balancing. Great for those nurturing themselves thru major life events and are looking for grounding, balancing and unblocking . Are you focusing on making life changes after an awakening or intentions toward lightening the energies in mood management therapy. This is a wonderful bi weekly or monthly way to nurture yourself with a whole new dimensional awareness. Think of your sensual chi as a universal current in an infinite ocean...tune into that current with the loving nurture of an intuitive tantric energy guide. Blocked chakras are “dams “to that current...learn to undam and stay undammed with inner energetic knowledge (become your own engineer)  lovingly guided by the goddess