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 House holder Tantra is not like neo tantra , which has a distinct erotic focus While it contains many elements directed toward intimate connection and sensual trust /exploration, it focuses on loyalty and family/social bonds though trust and heart connection. This trust does lead to amazing healing in the relationships of life
This tantric tradition was designed for the average person to succeed in the life of family man or woman even in the face of outward stress and distraction of modern life. It is difficult in the modern world for someone seeking this wisdom to walk this path. We live in a modern age that does not support it. Therapeutic householder tantra does not encourage you to repress yourself, but rather to find self discipline in a love for self and what is best for all areas of your life. Your heart space and that of others becomes a real place of creation and discovery... It is an organic process of higher evolution where we find ourselves naturally transcending our outer limitations. We find ourselves in a state of inner freedom and contentment 
Tantra looks upon emotions as tools for spiritual growth, thus it is affirming of emotions. But tantra does not look at emotions as mere space of expression and experience (this can cause greater attachment to the outer world), it sees negative emotions as trapped energy and releases these through mastery of “energetics” (yoga)
Tantra is a discipline within the system/technology of yogic science and philosophy. This study toward mastery over the life energies, the inner technology of the self, has the intention expanding awareness and bringing us to a place of conscious living. 
Tantric healing today is an ancient synthesis of the Tantras,Yoga ,Tao, buddhist and Hindu and ancient shamanic practices. Modern day Tantric healers utilize these practices with the intention of bringing awareness of the inner healing force. What is important to note is the necessity to focus on a single direction of practice and devotion for a certain time to bring real change in life...if you want to get to well water it is not effective to shallowly dig many holes in the ground. It is best to dig in one FRUITFUL place,deeply. Dig deeply into tantra yoga and experience what masters have been teaching for centuries. The secrets of Tantra are a fast track to learning about and trusting yourself, life and other beings. Use your divine energies to their highest potential
Through the use of Mindfulness, breath,sound/mantra, movement/asana, Yantra and other tantra teachings-feel the karmic level of your life. 
We are energy beings with a body of divine origin, in our care. When we tend to spirit, the body and mind follow. If traditional western approaches have left you unsatisfied and not brought to where you want to be, come to Tantra yoga coaching!!!
Tantric coaching is offered in individual, couples and group settings. We have several specific sessions ranging from heart communication, body dysmorphia, sexual dysfunction, sexual addiction, and intimacy counseling. see Schedule a free introductory call or email today with questions and get started on your way to healing. 
(These are therapeutic sessions rooted in tantra yoga and there is no nudity)