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Ancient Wisdom, Modern Practice


Our healers have synthesized decades of real world experience, ancient wisdom, and modern science to bring the healing magic of Yoga to the modern world. Our desire is to make the universal wisdom that has helped us in our own healing journeys accessible to all who wish to seek it. 

With practices focused on all aspects of life from life threatening illness to chronic addiction to healthy communication Parvati has a program for you and yours. Learn more about our offerings below.

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Workforce Yoga


Modern technology meets ancient wisdom. Is not just a tag line it is a prescription for a personal upgrade. to your inner technology Contact us today for your upgrade!

Yoga for the Heart


Heart to Heart relationships are where healing takes place. Modeled from extensive studies on Yogic healing in Coronary and Cancer patients. This program can help you find healing and connection today. 

Future Shock Therapy


Future shock yoga is a yogic system designed to harmonizing the Vagal Tone. Bringing healing, harmony, and ease to your life. Find relief from media overload and electronic addiction today.

Yoga for Recovery


Integrating Yoga, Ayurveda, and modern recovery principles. This program is For anyone looking to overcome self destructive and addictive tendencies Contact us today to discover your own powerful healer.

Joy of Consent


The path to healthy relationships begins with healthy boundaries and respectful communication. Learn the structure of human consent and the tools to nurture healthy relationships in your life today. 



Have a question. We are always excited to share and learn with you. Please email us with questions or thoughts. 



Yoga for the heart


We offer Yoga for the Heart classes in group and in individualized settings. 

Steeped in the wisdom of Nischala Joy Devis Yoga of the heart. Our Yoga for the Heart program provides a foundation from which each individual may continue to grow there own daily practice and empower there own inner healer.  

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 Russell is a graduate of the  Yoga of the Heart® Cardiac and Cancer certification program.  

Yoga of recovery

  Yoga of Recovery (YOR) is a retreat integrating the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda with the tools of 12-Step Recovery.  It is open to all who are looking to overcome self-destructive or addictive tendencies  

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 Free resources about Yoga of Recovery.  

Joy of consent


Healthy relationships begin with healthy understanding of our own boundaries. The Joy of Consent school is a synthesis of techniques including Betty Martins work The Wheel of Consent. In these sessions you will learn the techniques and tools to foster healthy relationships in all aspects of your life. 

The tools of Consent are shared in a variety of ways and settings. Our workshops 


Workforce yoga

 No mats required ?

This is not your normal corporate yoga experience. Our roaming corporate yogi Russell spent over two decades analyzing designing and building software for small businesses, Government Agencies, and a few small IT outfits such as Microsoft and Intel. 

He has taken his decades of consulting experiences and mixed it with the ancient yogic wisdom to bring a much needed new twist to the corporate yoga program. 

Make your force work for you.. Contact us today to schedule your Work Force upgrade.