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Ancient Wisdom, Modern Practice

Yoga for Healing

Parvati Therapy believes that healing is a personal endeavor and it is our dharma to introduce yogic tools and help stir the ancient wisdom that lies within you. We offer many personalized services as well as community workshops designed to bring the healing power of yoga to all.

Yoga Therapy

Healing through Yoga

 The essence of Yoga Therapy is the developing a heart to heart relationship. Healing begins with the heart and heart connection is vital to all humans. We do not treat disease, we heal beings this begins by meeting you where you are at and seeing the whole being and honoring that light. Only then can a relationship of healing develop.  

 We work with you to help in creating positive change in all aspects of your life. 

Utilizing yogic tools specific to your needs and your desires we will work together to create a practice that fits not only your lifestyle but your schedule. 

Using a concept of Yoga Snacks or small practices throughout the day to help you find the joy and light in every breath you take. 

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