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Healing through Yoga

 Therapeutic yoga is very different from what westerners have come to know as yoga. Our approach focuses on awareness, proper breath, stability and range of motion.  Science has hard evidence not only on the benefits of the physical practice. It has also proven the affects of breath and mindfulness practices on overall health and well being. The power of a simple daily practice can help you :

Manage Chronic Pain 

Find More Joy

Reduce Anxiety

Re-pattern Addiction

Alleviate PTSD

Sleep deeper

Our dharma



We are experienced team of healers committed to promoting healing through community and to helping others discover how to bring healing and joy to their lives through conscious, awareness, and connection.  Please enjoy the practices and information on our site.  We are very excited to share the healing power of yoga and are available to answer your questions. Just send us a email, text or give us a call today to begin your healing Journey! 


Proven Benefits

  • Sleep deeper, feel rested
  • Relief from Chronic Pain
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Reverse Depression
  • Re-pattern Addiction
  • Alleviate PTSD

The Tools of Yoga

  • Meditation
  • Guided Breath  (Pranayama)  
  • Energy Awareness
  • Body Movement (Asana)
  • Guided Visualization (Bhavana)
  • Sound Therapy (Mantra, Crystal bowls, Shamanic beats)
  • Chakra awareness and tuning


Yoga Therapy

Discovery tools and resources for healing.

Yoga therapy is the specific application of yogic techniques to help individuals improve overall health and well being. Schedule a session today and begin your healing journey.


Energy Healing for all beings.

 The ultimate goal of Reiki is to help the body to enter in a state of equilibrium so that it can heal itself.  Call today to set up a Reiki on the Road session.

Foundations of Tantra Yoga


   Tune the central pleasure channel-awaken the inner energy system to awaken the self !


Is too Empower beings so that they can connect to their true nature and live the most vital life possible

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Please contact us to schedule a Yoga Therapy session or to learn more about our retreats or if you just have a question. We are excited to share the power and grace of Yoga with you.

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 The accelerated change in society, diet, information overload and associated health care costs has had a staggering affect on many beings in our world today. Medical and Pharmaceutical interventions are magical creations that saves so many precious lives. However these are meant to be efforts to correct the course once disease has already manifested or the Trauma has occurred. Healing on the other hand begins from within you. Mindfulness, Movement, and Awareness practices and there affect on our quality of life is now at the epicenter of scientific study. A daily practice is a simple way to be the change.  

The healers at Parvati found there own refuge from a healthcare system that was not working for them in the yogic wisdom of the past. The systems designed at Parvati are synthesized from personal practice, professional training's, and scientific evidence. We have distilled down a millennium of wisdom into succinct practices that are targeted towards specific ailments and tailored to each beings specific needs.